Wet & Wild

Base Cards

1-2 Alexah Adams
3-4 Brooke Alexandar
5 Robin Arcuri
6-8 Alley Baggett
9-11 Joy Behrman
12 Jaime Bergman
13-15 Roseleena Blair
16 -17 Elisa Bridges
18-19 Tiffany Buecher
20-21 Nadine Chanz
22-23 Maria Checa
24 Amy Lee Chen
25 Kristi Cline
26-27 Gaëlle Comparat
28-30 Morena Corwin
31 Tishara Cousino
32 Marie-Claude Dubuc
33-34 Daphnee Duplaix
35-36 Danelle Folta
37-39 Patricia Ford
40 Stacy Fuson
41-42 Elina Giani
43-44 Vanessa Gleason
45 Miriam Gonzalez
46-47 Casey Gray
48-49 Jody Hoskins
50-51 Jessica Humphries
52-53 Echo Johnson
54 Tara King
55-56 Jennifer Lavoie
57-58 Jessica Lee
59-61 Rachel Jean Marteen
62-64 Kelly Monaco
Base Cards Cont

65-66 Sydney Moon
67-68 Kalin Olson
69-70 Kimberly Page
71-72 Melissa Queen
73-74 Chrissy Ranay
75-77 Layla Roberts
78 Lisa Rodrigues
79-80 Lisa Marie Scott
81-82 Victoria Silvstedt
83 Natalia Sokolova
84 Kimberly Spicer
85-86 Sung Hi Lee
87-89 Katalina Verdin
90-91 Petra Verkiak
92 Karen White
93 Stephanie Wood
94-95 Natasha Yi
96 Preview card
97 Preview card
98 Preview card
99 Checklist card
100 Checklist card


Tina Fritch, Tricia Wilds
Jenny Lilley, Cheryl Stell
Joy Behrman, Genevieve Michelle
Kelly Monaco, Victoria Fuller, Kalin Olson (2)
Rebecca Switzer, Misty Sacapano
Marie-Claude Dubuc, Heather Spytek
Heather Christensen, Haily Meyers
Kimberly Munn, Tina Fritch
Emma Caesari, Claire Leng

Tishara Cousino
Miriam Gonzalez
Sydney Moon
Joy Behrman, Genevieve Michelle
Sydney Moon, Jennifer Rovero
Alley Baggett
Vanessa Gleason
Natasha Yi
Petra Verkiak
Heather Christensen, Hailey Meyers


Echo Johnson
Roseleena Blair (did not sign)
Miriam Gonzales
Natasha Yi (not included in set)
Jessica Lee
Robin Arcuri
Sydney Moon
Sung Hi Lee
Kristi Cline
Alley Baggett
Patricia Ford
Petra Verkiak
Danielle Folta
Elisa Bridges
Tishara Cousino

Chase Sets

What’s Inside

10 “Unpublished” cards. The odds of finding an Unpublished card are approximately 1 card in every 4 packs.
10 “Girlfriends” cards. The odds of finding a Girlfriends card are approximately 1 card in every 4 packs.
10 Autograph cards. The odds of finding an autograph card are approximately 1 card in every 24 packs.
1 Jumbo Autograph Box Topper. The odds of finding a Jumbo Autograph Box Topper are approximately 1 card in every 10 boxes.
1 Jumbo Autograph Case Topper


Base Set

What’s Inside

95 cards
2 checklist cards
3 preview cards of our upcoming card set, Centerfold Update 94-96

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