Playmate Signature Series

List of Playmates supplying autographs that were not in the 50th Anniversary set:

Marilyn Cole
Kristi Cline
Tawnni Cable
Tina Bockrath
Terri Kimball
Christine Richters
Lesa Ann Pedriana
Terri Doss
Lillian Muller
Nicole Whitehead
Holly Witt
Diane Hunter
Shannon Stewart
DeDe Lind
Liz Stewart
Devin DeVasquez
Danelle Folta
Victoria Valentino
Shay Knuth
Karen Morton
Angela Melini
Marlene Janssen
Barbara Moore
Miriam Gonzalez
Janet Quist
Karen Foster
Suzanne Stokes
Nicole Wood
Elke Jeinsen
Lisa Baker
Jonnie Nicely
Julia Lyndon
Heidi Becker
Julie Cialini
Stacy Fuson
Jennifer Walcott
Virginia Gordon
Kym Malin (New, not on checklist)
Tailor James (New, not on checklist)
Anka Romensky (New, not on checklist)
List of Playmates supplying autographs to the 50th Anniversary set:

Audra Lynn
Barbara Hillary
Becky Delos Santos
Candace Collins
Carmella DeCesare
Lynne Austin
Dianne Chandler
Ginger Young
Jean Cannon
Jeana Tomasina
Joey Gibson
Leisa Sheridan
Lourdes Estores
Michele Drake
Nancy Cameron
Pamela Saunders
Patricia McClain
Shanna Moakler
Sharon Rogers
Victoria Fuller

Cindy Fuller - Box Topper
Colleen Marie - Box Topper
Shannon Tweed - Set Topper
Irina Voronina - Case Topper
Elaine Morton - Case Topper

Each Tin includes:
5 Gold Foil Autograph Cards
1 Numbered Red Foil Autograph Card (Numbered to 70)
1 Checklist Card found under the tin

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