50th Anniversary

Base Set

Angela Dorian
Anna-Marie Goddard
Brandi Brandt
Barbara Edwards
Bettie Page
Carol and Darlene Bernaola
Claudia Jennings
Connie Kreski
China Lee
Candy Loving
Christa Speck
Cyndi Wood
Donna D'Errico
Devin DeVasquez
Donna Edmondson
Debra Jo Fondren
DeDe Lind
Dorothy Stratten
Dahm Triplets
Echo Johnson
Elisa Bridges
Erika Eleniak
Heidi Becker
Heather Kozar
Jean Bell
Julie Cialini
June Cochran
Jo Collins
Jayne Mansfield
Julie McCullough
Kona Carmack
Karen Christy
Kimberly Conrad
Kimberly McArthur
Lisa Baker
Linda Gamble
Liv Lindeland
Marilyn Cole
Marianne Gravatte
Marilyn Monroe
Nancie Le Brandi
Nancy Cameron
Pamela Anderson
Penny Baker
Patti McGuire
Petra Verkaik
Sharon Clark
Sandy Greenberg
Shannon Tweed
Victoria Silvstedt

Dec. 1953
Jul. 1954
Aug. 1956
Mar. 1957
Jun. 1957
Jan. 1959
Feb. 1960
Nov. 1960
May. 1960
Jul. 1964
Dec. 1964
Mar. 1965
Jun. 1966
May. 1967
Mar. 1968
Aug. 1969
Sept. 1971
Oct. 1971
Dec, 1971
Mar. 1973
Jul. 1974
May. 1979
Feb. 1980
Jan. 1982
Oct. 1985
Jan. 1986
Jan. 1987
Jul. 1988
May. 1992
Nov. 1992
Feb. 1993
Jan. 1995
Dec. 1995
Jul. 1997
Jan. 1999
Jan. 2004

Angie Everhart
Claudia Christian
Jenny McCarthy
Pamela Anderson
Kylie Bax
Elizabeth Gracen

Preview Cards

Heather Christensen
Betty Ahn
Melissa Mastrapa
Lucia Tovar
Wave Gangon
Helen Morrison


99 Colleen Shannon
100 Colleen Shannon



PM1 Colleen Shannon
PM2 Colleen Shannon
PM3 Colleen Shannon
PM4 Colleen Shannon
PM5 Colleen Shannon
PM6 Colleen Shannon
PM7 Colleen Shannon
PM8 Colleen Shannon
PM9 Colleen Shannon
PM10 Colleen Shannon

Photographers Choice

Marilyn Monroe
Candy Loving
Donna Michelle
Shannon Tweed
Kylie Bax
Pamela Anderson
Hiedi Becker
An Overview of Ladies Underwear
Bettie Page
Angie Everhart

Keys to the Mansion

Bowling Alley
Conference Room
HMH Bath
Front Stairway
Great Hall
HMH Upstairs


Hugh Hefner PJs

HHP 1/2 Hugh Hefner
HHP 2/2 Hugh Hefner

50th Playmate Material

CSM 1/2 Colleen Shannon
CSM 2/2 Colleen Shannon


Miss October 2003 - Audra Lynn
Miss April 1970 - Barbara Hillary
Miss April 1984 - Becky Delos Santos
Miss December 1979 - Candace Collins
Miss April 2003 - Carmella DeCesare
Miss July 1986 - Lynne Austin
Miss September 1966 - Dianne Chandler
Miss May 1960 - Ginger Young
Miss October 1961 - Jean Cannon
Miss November 1980 - Jeana Tomasina
Miss June 1967 - Joey Gibson
Miss July 1993 - Leisa Sheridan
Miss June 1982 - Lourdes Estores
Miss May 1979 - Michele Drake
Miss January 1974 - Nancy Cameron
Miss November 1985 - Pamela Saunders
Miss May 1976 - Patricia McClain
Miss December 2001 - Shanna Moakler
Miss January 1964 - Sharon Rogers
Miss January 1996 - Victoria Fuller
Miss May 1959 - Cindy Fuller - Box Topper
Miss August 2003 - Colleen Marie - Box Topper
Miss November 1981 - Shannon Tweed - Set Topper
Miss January 2001 - Irina Voronina - Case Topper
Miss June 1970 - Elaine Morton - Case Topper

Super Chase Sets

What’s Inside

Autograph cards:
20 Standard Autograph cards
Seeded: (2:24 packs)
5 Unique Toppers of Standard Autograph cards
Seeded: (2:Case, 1:Set & 2:10 Boxes)
2 “50th Anniversary Playmate” memorabilia cards and 2 “Hugh Hefner Pajama” memorabilia cards
Seeded: (1:24 packs)


Chase Sets

What’s Inside

Ten Gold-Stamped “Mansion” cards. Great shots of the Playboy Mansion. The back of the card allows two lucky winners to be drawn randomly for a Mansion Tour and lunch with a Playmate. *
Seeded: (1:4 packs)
Ten “50th Anniversary Playmate” cards featuring Colleen Shannon.
Seeded: (1:4 packs)
Ten “Photographers Choice” plastic die-cut cards selected by Gary Cole Playboy’s Photo editor featuring his favorite photos .
Seeded: (1:8 packs)


Base Set includes 100 Cards

What’s Inside

50 of the most popular Playmates picked by Playboy
42 Subset cards featuring selected covers, cartoons & celebrities
2 Checklist Cards
6 Lingerie’s 100th issue Preview Cards

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